Wonder Productions is an independent Seattle film production company specializing in:

Wonder Productions, a Seattle video production company and media production company, was established in 1992. Our first projects were a series of stageplays produced for the Seattle Fringe Festival.  We started making movies in 2001.  Our first feature length movie, Xeros, premiered in 2005.  Our most recent short, No Refunds, was released in 2012. You can view a collection of our short films here.

We’re currently working on finishing up two feature length movies, DEATH PLANET and  LIBERATION the MUSICAL, a short called Another Chance, and a longer version of Mercy Hospital.  (They’re filmed and edited, so we’re focusing on the music, audio and CGI effects.)  An excellent composer is working on the musical scores for our features.  So, some fun things are comin’.  DEATH PLANET and LIBERATION the MUSICAL will both be completed and submitted to film festivals this year (summer 2013).  Below: a scene from LIBERATION the MUSICAL, starring Gabriel Land and Zachariah Robinson.